Kelowna (blue skies)

Welcome to the website for the Integrative Neuromuscular Physiology Lab at the Okanagan Campus of The University of British Columbia. Located in stunning Kelowna, this emerging lab is led by me, Dr. Chris McNeil. Having received first-rate training at a national and international level, it is my aim to establish the Integrative Neuromuscular Physiology Laboratory as a world-class centre for the study of neuromuscular function.

Studies conducted in this lab take an integrative approach to investigate the performance and plasticity (adaptability) of the human neuromuscular system.  Research questions relate to acute interventions such as muscle fatigue, hypoxia or conditioning stimuli and chronic perturbations such as aging, training or disease. Much of the work aims to elucidate physiological mechanisms in a traditional laboratory setting; however, on occasion, there are exciting opportunities to investigate neuromuscular function in more challenging environments (e.g., at 5050m in the Pyramid Laboratory located ~6km from the South Base Camp of Mount Everest).

The long-term objective of my program of research is to advance knowledge of human neuromuscular plasticity (with a particular focus on the mechanisms of fatigue and age-related adaptation). Such research findings will help steer recommendations for physical activity to improve or restore physical function in many populations (e.g., patients with chronic disease, frail elderly or individuals rehabilitating an injury) by maximizing the benefits of exercise.